How to set goals and achieve them


Going into a new year everyone is tempted to make New Year’s Resolutions. People want to drop a few pounds, make more money, or develop better relationships. Most everyone’s goals fall into three categories: a health goal, a financial goal, or a relationship goal. These are the three areas of life that are considered the most valuable because they affect us immediately and they are the ones that make us the happiest.

When we were young, we believed we could write a list of things we wanted, mail it to the North Pole, and if on our best behavior all year, a big guy in a red suit would fly around the world with reindeer, squeeze down the chimney and give you everything you wanted wrapped up in pretty paper and topped off with a bow. When we became older we realized that someone (mom and dad) had to work hard for the money, fight through the malls, lug everything home, wrap the presents, hide them in an awkward location, wait until you go to bed, and then hide them under the tree late that evening. That was a huge price to pay while giving all the credit to someone else. Talk about sacrifice!

I think some of us still believe in Santa. We write down a list of goals, or should I say WISHES, with no plan in place to reach them and hope all our dreams for the year come true. So why is it, so many set goals but never accomplish what they set out to do? Those goals would defiantly make them happy and fulfilled in life. Is it subconsciously, they really don’t want them? Absolutely not, the reason is much simpler than you would think. The reason most people are goal setters and not goal achievers is the ability to stay consistent.

Darren Hardy and Brian Tracy speak on this in January’s issue of Success Magazine. Consistency is the key to any success. You can beat anybody at ANYTHING if you have the drive to stay consistent. It’s also important to know what you’re staying consistent at. Determine the one or two key behaviors that you can do every day that would, over time, accomplish your goal.

You must first determine what your goals are. What are the things that would make this the best year ever? If you project forward to December 31, 2013; what would have happened to make your life better and exciting? People are purposeful creatures and we are happiest when we are working step by step toward a worthwhile purpose. This year………determine your purpose.


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