How do you handle coworker attacks?


Who doesn’t have a coworker that doesn’t get under your skin? It seems as if everything they do is to intentionally deteriorate the work you’re trying to do. Some even feel that their character is being attacked on a daily basis.

My pastor tells a story relating to this. He was on his way to church and he had prepared a sermon on being kind to everyone because we never know when we may be entertaining angels. He saw a homeless man panhandling with a sign that read,” HUNGRY, GOD BLESS”.

He thought “what a great opportunity, my son whose with me has a breakfast that he hasn’t touched”. So he rolled down the window and asked him if we wanted it. The homeless man held out his hands and took the breakfast. He didn’t say a word and went and placed it on the curb. Not taking the time to look back, he continued on to the next car window. The pastor was kind of upset because he didn’t even say thank you. I’m sure he was thinking, “That guy wasn’t an angel!”

He continued to church and it kept bothering him. “Was he going to buy alcohol or drugs with the money? Was he trying to be courteous to everyone by trying to get to others who wanted to help him? Did he appreciate the breakfast? Was his gift not good enough? Was he really hungry?”

So he started praying and asked God to clear his understanding on the homeless man’s intentions. A few minutes later he heard God’s answer, “IT DOESN’T MATTER!”

This wasn’t a test on the homeless man’s heart. It was a test of the pastor’s heart. It doesn’t matter what others do. Do you have an obedient heart? Are you doing the right thing? Don’t’ worry about whether others deserve you treating them well or not. Do it anyway! You can take others to a higher place when you take the high road.


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