Make it a Routine not a Decision


As a leader, you are responsible for the growth and success of the people on your team. So the real question is “how do they get better?” As an agent of change, you must determine the key behaviors that would make the biggest impact in the results you and your people. Ask yourself, what are the levers that would move the pegs the most?

Once you determine the key behaviors that would create the most change, they have to become part of your routine. If you have to make a decision on them every day, LIFE WILL GET IN THE WAY. The everyday hustle will become a factor and you will decide not to do those very things that will make you productive.

The easiest time to add something into your routine is at the beginning and end of each day. That way when the hustle of the day starts to kick in, you can just go with it and not worry about the new activity you’ve added.

If you are in the service industry adding collection calls into your morning routine and sending out thank you cards in the afternoon. If you’re in the sales industry, it may be five extra prospecting calls in the morning and five follow up calls in the afternoon. If you’re in retail, it could be a short training seminar in the morning and telling each employee that you appreciate them in the afternoon. The possibilities in this are endless.

What are the things that you can add into your routine that would make the most difference?


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