What is your internal set point?


Are you in a position you aren’t happy with? Do you think you deserve more money? Do you want to be further up the corporate ladder? Would you like more respect? Do you want the opportunity to lead more people? Just in general, DO YOU WANT MORE?

If you WANT more, you must

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4 thoughts on “What is your internal set point?

  1. Yeah! Two thumbs up on that! It’s like suddenly you become the sun and everyone comes to you for warmth :O)

  2. Dress for the job you want and not the job you have – that worked well for me through the years – not just the dress code portion, but how I handled myself and conducted myself, I primed myself for advancement – and it worked!

    Of course, now I wear shorts to meetings… I’m thinking that my internal set point might need another adjustment… that or I’ve reached mecca.

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