I think I have one of the manliest dogs in the entire world. SHE weights between 2-3 pounds. She’s about the size of a 20oz soda. I can only let her go outside when I’m with her, and I don’t let her get more than 10 feet away from me so a hawk or owl doesn’t swoop down and pick her up for a snack. My wife tries to dress her up in little pink dresses and collars. I consistently try to put a manly spiked collar on her, but to no avail. It gets taken off almost immediately. She even has a sissy little girl name. So to say she is a manly dog, is not exactly true. She’s actually the complete opposite of anything that resembles manly. But she’s my dog and I accept that.

One thing I have to respect is she is hard wired. Every day…

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5 thoughts on “Are you HARD WIRED?

  1. wnewport2009 says:

    Without a doubt that is one of the truest concepts in the business world. I have been an administrator for 15 years and have seen my share of hard-wired decisions that had horrible conclusions.

  2. wnewport2009 says:

    Love that dog by the way. We have the same breed and oddly she does the same thing when I come home. Touch me and now it is time to go out. However, she hasn’t peed on me yet – thankfully!

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