Don’t look at the wall.


Mario Gabriele Andretti is one of the most successful people in the history of the racing. He is one of only two drivers to win races in: Formula One, Indy Car, World Sportscar Championship and NASCAR. He also won races in midget cars, and sprint cars. Andretti had 109 career wins on major circuits.

Andretti had a long career in racing. He was the only person to be named United States Driver of the Year in three decades (1967, 1978, and 1984). He was also one of only three drivers to win races on road courses, paved ovals, and dirt tracks in one season, a feat that he accomplished four times. With his final Indy Car win in April 1993, Andretti became the first driver to win Indy Car races in four different decades and the first to win automobile races of any kind in five.

Andretti was interviewed recently and was asked,
“What advice can you give to others from your career as a race car driver?”

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2 thoughts on “Don’t look at the wall.

  1. brenda says:

    Good job!

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