Why a mentor?


First, let’s define what a mentor means. A mentor is anyone who has done what you want to accomplish and is willing to serve as a guide to help you achieve the same things, either through one-on-one coaching, magazine articles, books, audio, or video. It’s always good to have a few because successful people want more than one thing.
A few of mine are as follows:

• Jesus Christ (my personal savior who was paid my penalty for sinning)
• My Dad for his love of God and overall character
• Darren Hardy (publisher of Success Magazine) for his high level of significance in achievement and positive influence
• Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Jeffrey Gitomer for sales
• John Maxwell for leadership and public speaking
• Ray Comfort for his ability to reach people through the moral law
•  Jim Rohn for personal philosophy

Let me share a story that I recently heard that ties in why a mentor is important. A man had just finished doing laundry. So he folded the towels….

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7 thoughts on “Why a mentor?

  1. Ernest Lewis says:

    Nice! Made me laugh and a great way to frame the mentoring process. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Ernest. That means a lot.

  3. Eric says:

    That is hilarious and so true. I literally have gone through this scenario with my wife. And yes, i fold them her way.

  4. Thanks Eric. Unfortunately a lot of married couples experience this. I guess its why so many can relate.

  5. Robin Claire says:

    I have a Christian mentor that I love. We are working on Kay Arthur’s workbook “Healing Your Hurts.” The next book we will be working on is “The Way of Agape”. I LOVE her soooo much! I totally look forward to my weekly visit. It’s doing me a world of good.

  6. storygal says:

    Mentors are important, and I like the bit about having a mentor for each different aspect. Guess I have several mentors as well. Appreciate your story about the towel folding. Just a thought there, the fellow might learn towel folding elsewhere, but with his wife he found it of extra importance.

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