People who have quit, but are still employed


I’ve always loved baseball. I grew up playing and have played some form of it half of my adult life. I’ve always watched it from the player’s point of view. The arm motion of the pitcher, the footwork of the infielders, and the mechanics of hitters have always interested me, because those are the things I was interested in improving on myself.

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One thought on “People who have quit, but are still employed

  1. Scott Beavers says:

    How about the talented player who only sees the errors of others and is only too happy to point them out. The one who says put me in coach, but then catches the ball only to throw it over the fence for the other team. Why are exceptional teams built from average players who simply get the team player mentality? Why do some have to point out the skills they have? Do they question their ability to play the game, or just play on a team? The super star player that can, but won’t is such a waste, expecially if they are a leader that others will follow. These players may be more detrimental to the organization than one who just does not apply himself. The player who leads others the wrong way with knowledge and authority just because he can.

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