The donkey in the well

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your circumstances?

Do you ever feel that the people around you aren’t helping you?

Do you wish things were easier?

There’s an old story about a farmer who was walking in his field one day. He noticed the old donkey he owned was missing. He looked all around the farm and couldn’t find him anywhere. He remembered an old dried up well he had been meaning to fill in for months. That was the only place that remained to look. As he approached the well, his disappointment met the reality of discovering the old donkey had fallen in the well.

He tried fishing the donkey out of the well with a rope, to no avail. The only other option wasn’t one he was quite ready to face. He went and gathered some of his neighbors. They discussed what could be done. The only thing they could think to do is fill the old dried up well in and if they did it quickly the donkey’s suffering would be minimal. They brought a big pile of dirt to the hole and as a small community; several men started shoveling scoops of dirt into the well. As they began they heard the donkey making some disturbing noises (apparently he didn’t like what was going on). As soon as the hole was around half full, the farmer looked down the well as the others continued to toss shovelfuls down the hole. Instead of finding a buried donkey, he witnessed the donkey standing on top of the pile of dirt, shaking it off his back and stepping on top of the dirt as it was shaken off.

The farmer told the others that were shoveling and they were simply amazed. They couldn’t believe the resilience of the donkey. They continued shoveling until the well was full. When it was full, the donkey stepped out of the well, shook off the finial bit of dirt and went on his way

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3 thoughts on “The donkey in the well

  1. Ian Munro says:

    Good message in this post. I’ll add one of my favorite quotes from Babe Ruth … “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up. “

  2. btg5885 says:

    I like this parable ver much. Thanks for sharing and following my blog. BTG

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