Start small with trust


Trust is risk. When we give it to someone, we risk them not living up to their word. We also risk them exceeding our expectations. If you ever want to grow as a person, you have to take risks daily. All growth really means is, risk successfully survived. If you don’t trust enough, you will live in torment. If you trust too much, you will get burned. So how do you know when to trust and when not to?

That’s a question that’s been asked many times in my career. The truth is there is no real definite answer. People have been given free will and they will make their own decisions, whether you agree with them or not. That’s why trust is a game of risk. When I make the decision to trust someone, I normally start out small, with little things. I verify the so called promise was carried out, and the next time I risk a little more with my trust. The more times I risk my trust on someone, the more I’ll risk the next time. If the risk doesn’t pay off and I get burned, I’ll back up a level with the trust I’m willing to give a person or a situation.

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