How to work side by side with anyone


I’d like to share a visual matrix I learned recently. It was about the importance of God in a marriage. The matrix is set up like this. Visualize a triangle. At the top of the triangle is God. On the bottom left corner is the husband’s needs and personal desires. On the bottom right is the wife’s needs and desires.

Let me explain how this works. When the husband focuses on his own needs and desires, he moves further and further away from God. Likewise, when the wife pursues her own personal needs and desires, she moves away from God. In moving away from God, the two create distance between themselves.

In order for it to be a happy marriage, the two HAVE to focus of God and move closer and closer to him. As they move closer to Him, as a result they close the distance between each other. When either the husband or the wife begins to backslide, the distance is increased. Fights and disagreements occur when either party is absorbed on their selfish agenda. When the marriage is at optimal level, the two are walking side by side and living close to God.

This got me thinking. This same matrix can be used in our business world also. If we replace the elements of the triangle with customer’s needs, salespeople’s needs, and service people’s needs. We get the same results.

We can also replace it with any two people who seldom agree. Example: Person A, Person B, and any common interest. If you can’t think of a common interest, you can never go wrong with pursuing God; whatever it may be, find that 1% of common ground that you can agree on and give it 100% of your effort.

If you want to gain ground with someone, find the common ground first. Then focus on it!


2 thoughts on “How to work side by side with anyone

  1. Amen, brother! The more I focus on my relationship with The Lord, the better all my relationships are.

  2. Thanks Mr. Walker. I took a look at your site. Very impressive.

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