Dream to be an eagle not a chicken


There is a large majestic mountainside, where a fragile eagle’s nest rested.  The eagle’s nest contained a few large eggs.  One day an earthquake shook the mountain causing one of the eggs to tumble down the mountain to a chicken farm, located in the valley below.

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2 thoughts on “Dream to be an eagle not a chicken

  1. I love this story — I’ve also heard it told from the perspective of the free eagle trying to convince the eagle who thinks he’s a chicken that he can fly. The chicken/eagle thinks he’s out-smarted the eagle who is trying to convince him to fly with him. The chicken/eagle races back to the coop and tells his hen-mates — I’m not only the best chicken in this yard, I’m the smartest — and the moral is — don’t let chicken yard thinking keep you living small.

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