Should You Earn Profit?


Some people view profit as a bad or scandalous action.  When they think of the word they picture, in their mind, someone being manipulated and overcharged for something; that is not as valuable as the money they paid for it. True profit is nothing like that. The definition of profit is: the positive gain from an investment.


From the customer’s point of view:

If a person buys a product or service they make a profit, if the product or service improves their lives more than the money they invested.


From the seller’s point of view:

If the person selling the product or service makes more from the transaction than they invested with money, time, labor, materials, and effort.


The way business’s and people gain a good reputation is if the transactions they make are MUTUALLY profitable for both the buyer and seller.


Jim Rohn defined profit as, “When you touch something and you leave it better than you found it.  The whole world would benefit if we all leave more profit.”  When I personally evaluate people, I ask myself, “Is this person profitable or are they a liability?” When they touch something, is it better or worse than it was before they touched it?


Better yet, as a leader are you profitable?  When you touch something, do you leave it in better shape than you found it?  Is your vehicle cleaner and run better now or when you first got it? Is your office or desk in better shape now that you’ve worked from it?  Is your home worth more money now or a few years ago?  Are the people around you better now that you’ve been involved in their life?


What kind of reputation are you leaving behind?  What a world this would be, if everybody tried to leave it in a better condition than they found it.   So the answer to the question is yes.  Earn a profit.  Make things worth more.  Help make people worth more.  That’s the reputation you should strive to leave behind.  Profit is a good thing!


One thought on “Should You Earn Profit?

  1. raschmaltz says:

    Love this! Most people are so unconcerned with the bigger picture of their customer’s good in the long run and about getting profits quicker and quicker using any means necessary. This is a refeshing point of view that asks questions that anyone in a business should be asking themselves and their organization. Thanks for the great posts.

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