Knowledge is Power but Ignorance is Strength


A few years ago, there were a few products that came out that people would wear as wristbands; that claimed to increase your balance and power.  As I (along with a few other people) walked by a kiosk in the mall selling these magical bracelets, I decided to put this thing to the test.  I had heard of these armbands from one or two other people, so I had a few questions. I had an agenda to prove that they were a scam.


I asked how these arm bands worked.  The guy proceeded to tell me how it had a hologram inside of it that worked with your body to keep you balanced.  “What?  How can a hologram keep you balanced?   How does that work?  What’s the science behind it?”  The guy said, “Let me show you.”  He asked me to interlace my fingers behind my back with my palms up.  He told me to try and keep my balance.  He placed his fist inside my palms and pressed down. I immediately stumbled backwards.


Then I did the same thing while wearing the armband.  He pressed down and somehow I kept my balance.  I was stunned.  All of the sudden the science behind the holograms was moot to me.  All of my questions were rendered unimportant. All I knew was it worked.  I had kept my balance and as a result felt more powerful.  I bought two.


I was now on a quest.  I was determined to show other people how I discovered this mystic armband and how I could do the test proving how it works on them.  I approached all my acquaintances and doing the test.  When they asked a knowledge based question about the armband, I would say, “I’m not real sure, but it worked for me. Here, let me show you.”  People were more convinced by the depth of my conviction than the height of my logic.  I can’t tell you if those armbands really worked or not.  They seem to at the time, however now there have been multiple studies at universities proven the effects were caused by your mind.  What I can tell you is my ignorance was more powerful than my knowledge because I believed in it.


If you are in any type of leadership role I encourage you to buy-in to the things that will make your people successful regardless if you know ALL the ins and outs or not.  Ignorance can be strength.


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