Attitude Reflects Leadership


Have you ever wondered why some people in an organization have bad attitudes?


Have you ever seen a sports team fall apart when things don’t go their way or after they get a bad break? 

It all comes back to their attitude.  So why do people develop a bad attitude?  Let me share what I witnessed recently that may shed some light on the subject. I was at a nine and ten year old baseball game.  Before the game started I noticed a player who looked like he had a lot of potential and athletic ability. The other thing I noticed was he was very confident.  Athletic ability and confidence usually is a combination for a great ball player. My dad would call it “cocky”.

This kid started out pitching.  During the middle part of the game a few breaks went the other team’s way.  You could tell it frustrated the player and the coach (his dad).  The coach began arguing with the umpire behind the plate about the strike zone.  Soon so did the player.  The coach asked for time and went to the mound.  He told the player to stay calm and to not argue with the umpire.  As the coach was walking back to the dugout, he had a snide remark for the umpire.

The player’s attitude got worse and the team ended up making a few errors, walking batters, and with a sour attitude the whole time.  They lost the game but more importantly they didn’t learn from the loss.  The reason for their loss was the attitude of the team, not because it was someone else’s fault.  They developed a victim mentality.  The loss was their fault and not someone else’s.  And it all started with the coach.

An organization will always take on the personality of its leader.  If you have a negative attitude, so will your people.  If you own your mistakes, so will your people.  If you accept the bad breaks and move on, so will your people.  If you are a victim, so are your people.  If you cause more problems than you solve, so will your people.   What kind of leader do you want to be?

I’d like to end with dialog from one of my favorite movies.


Bertier: Listen, I’m Gerry, you’re Julius. Let’s just get some particulars and get this over with.
Julius: Particulars? Man, no matter what I tell you, you ain’t neva gonna know nothing about me.
Bertier: Listen, I ain’t running any more of these three-a-days–
Julius: Well, what I got to say you really don’t wanna hear ‘cuz honesty ain’t too high upon your people priority list.
Bertier: Honesty? You want honesty? Honestly, I think you’re nothing. Nothing but a pure waste of God-given talent. You don’t listen to nobody man. Not even Doc or Boone. Shiver push on the line everytime and you blow right past ’em. Push ’em, pull ’em. do something. You can’t run over everyone in this league and everytime you do you leave one of your teammates hanging out to dry, me in particular!
Julius: Why should I give a hoot about you? Huh? Or anyone else out there? You wanna talk about a waste, you the captain, right?
Bertier: Right.
Julius: Captian’s supposed to be the leader, right?
Bertier: Right.
Julius: You got a job?
Bertier: I got a job.
Julius: You been doing your job?
Bertier: I been doing my job.
Julius: Then why don’t you tell your white buddies to block for Rev better because they have not blocked for him worth a plug nickel, and you know it! Nobody plays. Yourself included. I’m supposed to wear myself out for the team? What team? Nah, nah what I’m gonna do is look out for myself and I’ma get mine.
Bertier: See man, thats the worst attitude I eva heard.
Julius: Attitude reflects leadership, captain.

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26 thoughts on “Attitude Reflects Leadership

  1. […] Attitude Reflects Leadership. […]

  2. Great post – very true!

  3. Remember those Titans!

  4. My favorite part is where he says, ” They haven’t blocked him worth a plug nickel”

  5. you know what. I’ve heard a CEO say “my motto” (ie management style) “is to put a volunteer between you and any major decision”. I couldn’t believe what I heard. He didn’t really live it though because he forgets everything he says (and does) within 30 minutes. The next CEO I worked for actually DID live by it. She would throw anyone under the bus as long as it wouldn’t come back on her. I currently work for a CEO who micromanages everybody, all the time. Are there any good leaders out there anymore? I love the new TV show called HERO with Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson. You can see great leadership standing on good moral ethics (ie. honesty, integrity… words we always HEAR but rarely SEE done) and caring for others more than themselves. Patty and Doc to name a few. I honestly believe this country is the way it is because pastors for the last 200 years have not done their job. They have failed to lead and that reflects the attitude of ALL people. The politician, the executives, the judges, the teachers, all influences. It’s the only way this world will change for ultimate good… from the Inside OUT. Not like 12 step programs that effect the outward but the inward remains at war with itself and rears it’s ugly head in another way (for example the alcoholic quits drinking but has real deep issues with anger AND… micromanaging).
    We need to be saved by repentance, knowing that we have all (pastors included) succumbed to self serving attitudes. That’s the big problem on the tv show HERO. The self serving. That can ONLY be changed from the inside out, by God Himself. In the book of Judges, Israel constantly falls into complete disarray as a country and people and it’s ONLY when they repent of their selfishness, return to God in Truth and Honesty that they are healed.

    • You make some great points. Thank you.

    • Wow, so true! There are so many things out there that we hear about so much and sound soooo good in theory. How often do we see people actually treating employees like human beings so they will in turn have pride in their work and give customers a greater experience? How often do we see people be graceful when in a position of power? How often do we see our fellow humans elevate themselves to some made up status in their mind at the expense of others. I would love to see a world where empathy for our fellow man was a bit more valued, where those who step on others aren’t revered for being “successful”

  6. There is no “I” in team.

  7. onkabetse thaga says:

    I am given an assignment to mentor a leader with bad attitute .please assit with qutions to ask such kind of a leader

    • Ask them what their expectations from the mentoring do they expect and how it applies to their position in the organization. Ask what makes them upset, in a list and what things make them happy in a list (as it applies to the job… not drinking in a hot tub with a group of men/women). Have them write a letter to all the owners/managers in the organization on what he/.she would do to change things and make them run a lot smoother and better production and revenue. Those are some starting points. Depending on the answers, you should start to get a better idea of what the person “thinks” is the issue and what the “real” issues are. It’s a way to gauge what areas you need to mentor in.

  8. cwagganer says:

    Great point and a great movie, thanks for the post…

  9. MissMangue says:

    Thank you for follow my blog.

  10. claritysol says:

    Another great post – and I love Remember the Titans and that snippet in particular as well!

  11. Tammy Loftis says:

    Remember the Titans is 1 of my ALL time Favorite Movies!! This was an Awesome Post! and Yes … Attitude does Reflect Leadership!

  12. Great insights. I totally agree.

  13. Needs2Cash says:

    Leaders exist to serve their organization by helping employees to determine and meet requirements. They take the blame when their organizations fail as a system.

    Attitude or caring about the requirements of employees, customers and other stakeholders is probably the most important attribute of that system.

  14. April Ward says:

    Great point! At the end of the day, our attitude is one of those things that we can control to bring about change.

  15. Great post! I’m gratified to find that there are others who have the same view of leadership that I do.

  16. wmac620 says:

    Wow! Great post, and so true! Thanks for stopping by Common Sense for Uncommon People! I’m honored!

  17. Casanova's Insights says:

    Reblogged this on Casanova's Insights and commented:
    Attitude is very important, especially when it comes to leadership. Take a look:

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