Become a Human Lie Detector

Truth%20Lies%20Wallpaper__yvt2Have you ever had your intuition tell you that someone is lying?  You know something is off, but you can’t put your finger on it.  Do you wish you had a polygraph on some people so you could just find out what’s really going on and what the REAL truth is? Don’t you just wish you were a human lie detector?

Congratulations.  I can help you. I can give you some pointers that will give you insight into the environment of false reality that people are trying to create around you.   First you must be able to tell when people are displaying signs of deception.  Each one by itself doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is lying.  Each one may be an odd coincidence.   Although when they executed more than one at a time, they are called clusters of deception.

What YOU must do before you can determine if someone is lying

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5 thoughts on “Become a Human Lie Detector

  1. Ian Munro says:

    I guess I should click the “like” button on this as it has really got me thinking, but I have to be honest. As a leader, I don’t want to engage in this. I want to trust those that are on my team. I don’t want to be trying to catch them in a lie. My thoughts are very different about this subject. If someone lies it will eventually come out. If I know someone has lied to me, I lose trust in that individual. If I lose trust in someone that works for me, it would probably be better if they worked for someone else. So I will continue to enter into all leadership relationships fully connected and willing to trust. I just won’t sustain relationships that do not allow for this.

  2. Ian, thanks for your comments. You make some really good points. I do however feel, I should clarify some of my thinking. Your inner circle of people that you trust should never be treated in ways that will make them feel untrusted. When they feel untrusted, they will stop trusting. The key is when you manage extremely large groups of people and not familiar with their habits and motives to find out what they are.

    It’s like a family. You should trust your spouse and treat them with trust. However, if your kids are displaying deceptive behaviors you should be able to identify them and not just wait for them to run with the slack until they have enough to hang themselves. Correct it as you see it before it gets out of hand.

  3. joshsherin says:

    Another great post Cranston, I find myself enjoying just about everything you publish. Life would be great if our world was made with gumdrop paths, and everyone told the truth all of the time, but this fantasy land does not exist. I liked your tips, it’s important to know when people under your leadership are lying to you, and at some point this WILL happen.

    I guess I’m a pessimist in the fact that I think it will happen inevitably, regardless of how well you lead, or the trusting and accepting environment you create. I think it is always a good idea to have a little skepticism in the back of your mind, even with your most trusted employees, it keeps your brain sharp, and keeps you from being walked on.

  4. Thanks so much Josh. I REALLY appreciate the kind words. You’re not lying about any of it are you? ha ha Just kidding.

    I don’t think you are a pessimist at all. The more familiar you are with a subject the easier you are able to identify it and purge it from your personal environment.

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