Birds of a feather


The legendary coach on UCLA, John Wooden, was noted for not only winning ten championships in twelve years, but mentoring college athletes into overachievers with a high level of integrity.  One way he persuaded them to grow personally was to force them to evaluate their associations.


He would ask them to draw a line down ….

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12 thoughts on “Birds of a feather

  1. great post , I love your writing.

  2. Thank Bryan. That means a lot to me.

  3. Jamie says:

    Outstanding post, Cranston! Parents of teenagers might consider using Wooden’s two-column exercise and Jim Rohn’s questions. Good stuff!

  4. Justin Buck says:

    Great thoughts, Cranston. As someone passionate about developing young leaders, I love listening in on coaches’ time with athletes. This is an important exercise for all of us. Sometimes, I ask it a different way– “Who are my peers?” When I know who I am considered to be most like or associated with most strongly, I can evaluate what I need to do to develop my peer group…or find a new one!

  5. Love the insight! Thanks for sharing with us. I agree…Our primary associations influence us more than any book, training or inspirational speech ever could.

  6. Great thoughts here. Thanks for following me. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  7. Kitt says:

    what valuable insights! keep on sharing. blessins!

  8. windhound says:

    Everything I understand about humans I have learned from animals and by that I mean that animals have a perfect understanding of positive selfishness. Understanding ones own needs is an important survival requirement in the animal world and when they choose to ally themselves to an individual or a group they do so wholeheartedly and without judgement because they have already bestowed trust in themself and not the other.

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