Never ignore red flags

office routineThrough many years of interviewing job candidates, I thought I’d witnessed every way possible to fail a job interview. I thought there was no new way under the sun.


I’ve had people refuse to leave, turn in an application done by someone else with false information, not knowing a thing about my company, unable to ask me any questions about the job, becoming a somewhat stalker by calling and coming by too much, telling me he didn’t like the industry, dropping the F Bomb, and dressing like it was a Halloween party. Let me share with you an experience that I have a hard time forgetting.


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22 thoughts on “Never ignore red flags

  1. A always put down that I graduated 12th in my class from Florida Southern College in 1971. Impressive, eh ? I omitted that it was a special summer session. There were 12 of us.

  2. chenchoon says:

    Generally, it is better to be all clean and honest. After all, they are also helping you to find the right fit for your skills and experience. Great story!

  3. kalabalu says:

    Now..if you are forgetting something..its not possible to be plain and get accepted..after all may never had read bible;) Failing in an interview ..well I failed many times..and reasons are of course unknown to me..for the one hiring was not my friend’s boss.
    First impressions are not the only ones we make..I once interviewed a young chap..just passed his secondary but in need of a job..after I finished..he fainted and collapsed while taking the stairs..I hired him..and today he runs a company as an MD !! wow..he may have come weak but left stronger than me 🙂 People change..some come honest get corrupt, others come dishonestly but make us pious.

    • Of course there are always exceptions to the rules, but I find it easier and more productive to work with the rule of red flags rather than the exception.

      You have some really good ideas and I hope you have a good day.

  4. graciousg says:

    In my opinion, deceit is not best means to receive favor.Maybe if the young man was honest, it would have paid him better, and even if it didn’t, he would have his integrity intact. On the issue of first impression i read from the previous comment: my stand is on what Keith Harrel wrote in his book Attitude is Everything. Which is “you owe yourself to make the best out of every first impression, because you only have one chance to make a first impression”
    Great post

  5. rodneymbliss says:

    If they are willing to lie to get the job, what makes you think they won’t lie to keep the job? There are many weaknesses that you can coach an employee around. Honesty though is not one them.

  6. rodneymbliss says:

    If they are willing to lie to get the job, what makes you think they won’t lie to keep the job? There are many weaknesses that you can coach an employee around. Lack of honesty though is not one them.

  7. Kerwyn Hodge says:

    Since the Bible was the basis for this chap failing his interview, let me use another reference. His experience reminded me of Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11). Trying to impress others, they made a false claim and paid for it dearly (dying as a result of lying is truly an epic fail)! The thing was, they could simply have offered the amount donated without making any claims as to where it came from and everything would be fine. Trying to impress men through deceit has consequences, as “John” found out. A powerful lesson to be truthful in all our dealings. Thanks for sharing this anecdote, Cranston.

  8. Ha I’m really glad he wasn’t struck down in my office. I’d have had a harder time trying to explain that one. Have a good day Mr. Hodge.

  9. Personally, if we’re ranking Bible personalities based on their trials and tribulations, I’d have to say that it was Solomon with 700 wives and 300 concubines. Now that’s some trials and tribulations!

  10. Wow, that’s a whopper. If there’s one thing leaders look for – I know I certainly do – it’s trust. How can you entrust employees or volunteers with tasks, projects or responsibilities when you don’t trust them? Dishonesty, or even a lack of authenticity, is a recipe for failure.

    Thanks for the funny and insightful post!

  11. Wow, from me also…how amazing! I guess he didn’t think that one through…

  12. There are so many silly ways to get rejected by an employer. Lying in your interview has to be close to the top!

  13. Wow!! that is kind of saying i only know of two angels Hark and Harold.

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