GROUNDHOG management


Phillip has recently joined a wonderful team of leaders.  The organization he is with is one of the best on the planet.  The leadership keeps the company steadily growing and treats the employees in an honorable fashion.  Phillip is so excited to be promoted to his new position.  He has worked hard and has always wanted that position.  He knew he would be the envy of all his friends and coworkers who worked alongside for many years.  So envious in fact, he and all of his coworkers put in for the same job, when it came open.


When he was chosen for the job, it was a surprise to some and disheartening to others.  Some felt a relief because they knew their friend and ally was going taking the leadership ranks and would be inclined to help them be successful, be fair and firm, and take it a little easy on them and not bust their chops on every little thing.





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10 thoughts on “GROUNDHOG management

  1. Sadly that happens too often. Good reminder to never stop growing and learning.

  2. sakuraandme says:

    Ditto!, to everything Kate just said!
    Great post. Hugs Paula xxx

  3. Hi Cranston

    One of the large medical clinics that my husband works at just fired a director for this same reason, when trouble was a brewing he was no where to be found. They finally got fed up and when they found him this last time it was out the door.

  4. jamestollefson says:

    Nice. You should hire someone to illustrate this post and make a comic. I would buy it.

  5. […] Cranston Holden does it again. In this episode he illustartes the danger to the organization when we aspire to lead, and fail to do so once given the chance. There is no hidding our head in our hole for another six weeks of winter: when you're asked to lead, lead! Cranston offers many fine writes leadership and management on his blog, and I check it every day for advice […]

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