You’re better than that!


A Grandfather picks his grandson up from school one Friday afternoon.  “How was school?”…..

For more get the book:

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12 thoughts on “You’re better than that!

  1. Shared this on my facebook! Old school is tried and true!

  2. kmabarrett says:

    Thank you! Reminders help. “I AM better than that!”

  3. Excellent – lessons we can all learn.

  4. “You should be forcing your inside world to affect your outside world.” – challenging comment. Sometimes we get so focussed on the world that we stop believing we (n in my case my God) can have influence.

  5. BAlanGoetz says:

    Awesome post! Straight and to the point.

  6. George Hayward says:

    Nice post! Also, I see you like Jim Rohn! He’s fantastic 🙂 “Does the goose eat too much? Well, of course! But we all eat too much! Better a fat goose than no goose!” Wise words. I like your blog, looking forward to reading more.

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