Everyone gets the down on themselves


Do you ever feel sad and yet nothing has really caused it?

You don’t have much to complain about but it seems the FUNK still gets you?

When something bad happens does happen it knock you off kilter and put you in a downward spiral?

What you want to find out is how to avoid the FUNK?


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9 thoughts on “Everyone gets the down on themselves

  1. VERY timely! I was just pouring my heart out to one of my mentors yesterday about being in a funk and trying to work my way through it. Like you said – knowing the funk is among us and learning while in it is tantamount to healing.
    Love it!

  2. I was telling a friend the other day that I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all – so the song goes. I said at least when we’re restless or unsatisfied, it calls us to act and do something about it. I’m really enjoying your blog!

  3. myLittleAstrology says:

    Very Nice!! Loved reading it!

  4. Nail on the head! I totally believe that we must experience pain to know joy, etc. I also believe that what we go though, it not only strengthens us, but can help us to strengthen others. I think of the passage in Hebrews that says (paraphrased of course) “because Jesus suffered when he was tempted he is able to help those that are being tempted”. So, embrace what we are given, even if it is the FUNK, as that too, shall pass and we can/will be a greater blessing to those around us.

  5. Whoa…flash back to the 70’s…funk, love this word. We used to get ice cream to get out of our funk. Now, people numb themselves with drugs and alcohol. We used to listen to Motown to get our funk on. Now, you just grab your ipod/phone and blast the last of your brain cells out. Or we would get answers to homework in the Funk & Wagner. Now, you practically sell your souls to universities. So, I love the analogy of sailing by funk like “Dust in the Wind”! Now, because of Jesus we can give the funk to Him and get on to more important things in our life journey, like Faith, Hope and Love! Right On! 😉

  6. We all have the same 24 hours, is up to us to DECIDE what to do with them


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