The Law of Production says you won’t be happy if you don’t produce.


Being productive is a major part of happiness that is often overlooked.  Becoming a valuable part of society builds an overwhelming sense of self-worth. Not only can you develop this sense of fulfillment through society in general, but in your job, your community, your family, and your circle of friends.  Making something you’re proud of is a critical part of happiness.


Some of the most miserable people I’ve ever met are unfortunately some of the most slothful people I can envision.  To me they seem to be leading lives of quite depression.  They have no sense of pride and confidence has sunken below sea level.  Nothing seems to be getting better, yet they aren’t doing anything to better themselves.  They just wait for things to change.  They wait for things to get better.


For things to change, you have to change.  For things to get better, you have to get better.  You get better by producing something you can be proud of.  You can develop a sense of pride by putting in an honest day’s work.  You can stand back and look at what you’ve accomplished and feel good about it.  Let me tell you, the SLEEP OF A LABORING MAN IS SWEET.


I’ve heard people say that if they won the lottery or suddenly became a millionaire that they would never work another day in their life.  That’s probably why the good Lord makes sure that never happens.  He wants you to produce.


I’m an amateur on the Bible, but here’s how the story goes.  Jesus walks into town.  On the way in He notices a fig tree.  He asks his followers if it has any fruit.  They say, “No, master this particular tree doesn’t.”  He immediately curses the tree and it dies.

A tree that isn’t producing is useless.  It’s just taking up useful space. Why let a useless tree take up the desk or territory or area or position or even the ground? The reason people are unhappy when they don’t produce is that they are dying.  We are designed to be productive.


Still an amateur, the story goes. A nobleman goes to a distant land.  While he’s gone he gives his servants money (talents) to use.  When he returns he asks the first one how he has put his talents to work and discovered he had made ten times the amount.  The second one approaches and tells him that he has increased his money by five.  The third tells the master he has not produced anything because he was afraid.  Notice what the master said, “You WICKED servant.”


So there you have it.  When you are unproductive ancient scripture describes it as WICKED.  Here’s a personal tip that has helped me get through some tough times.  When you feel yourself developing a negative attitude and your demeanor starts to darken,   GET BUSY!


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17 thoughts on “The LAW of PRODUCTION

  1. I love your examples. Very well said!

  2. A blonde kept praying “Lord, please let me win the lottery”. She prayed this over and over again for months on end. One day the Lord answered “Sweetie, you have to go buy a ticket!” (Okay, He probably didn’t say sweetie… but it fits!)

    We have to make an effort – we can’t sit back on our haunches and just wait, we have to be productive in order to be rewarded. And I love that piece of advice at the end, about getting on and being productive when I feel a bad attitude coming on… Next time I’m feeling resentful or some other negative emotion, I will do that – I’ll get up and get busy! Thanks!

  3. Ian Munro says:

    Cranston, I’ve been thinking about this post. I have an alternate view here that fits but is sufficiently different that I want to articulate.

    I don’t believe that “productive” or “produce” are quite the right words. I believe the right words are “contribution” and “contribute”. The reason I say this is that production is an external valuation. If you don’t produce what is desired by others then you are not valued. Contribution on the other hand is about giving the best of what you have to give. That fig tree was dispatched because it didn’t give fruit … the measure of productivity that was being valued. But in killing the tree the village lost valuable shade that may protect residents in hot and stormy times. Perhaps that was what the tree was to contribute. Perhaps it is more important that we value ourselves based on internal measures instead of needing to please others to feel valued.

    In focusing on contribution, we are still valuable to society and we are most valuable to ourselves. It isn’t productivity that gives us our greatest feeling of self worth. Of course when we shift thinking to contribution in the work world, we now have to think about alignment of that contribution with the roles our organization has needs in. Sometimes we can accommodate that individuals desired contribution, sometimes they need to move on to contribute elsewhere.

    One thing I wholeheartedly agree with is the concept that if we are feeling low and undervalued then we need to engage. Only we are responsible for our own happiness, and one of the surest ways to arrive at that inner peace is to contribute.

    Thanks for listening!!

  4. deandeguara says:

    You are an anointed amatuer! Dont sell yourself short. Good word!

  5. Ajaytao2010 says:

    Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  6. What a great and easy read. I shared your blog via Facebook!

  7. I love this! Thank you! I’ve noticed this very thing in my life just this past month. I’m always busy and productive, but lately I’ve only been working for my clients. I haven’t had time to work on my own blog at, which is the one thing I’m really proud of. I’ve also been a bit depressed and frustrated. You’re absolutely right that we need to produce things we take pride in, things we are passionate about–even if only in our spare tme. Thank you for articulating that so well.

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