The size of your PROBLEMS determines the size of YOU

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I’ve been asked many times how to earn more money.  I’ve been asked by people how to advance further in their career.  Many times I’m asked how to have less stress.  I’ve even been asked how to have better relationships with complicated co-workers, neighbors, and loved ones.


The one thing I’ve found out in my life is there is only one common denominator in the entire list of requests mentioned above.  It’s ….

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17 thoughts on “The size of your PROBLEMS determines the size of YOU

  1. What is the bumper sticker saying “there are no problems, only opportunities” (to which sometimes I say “bullocks!!!”, but beyond that…). This really ties back to your other post about being active and doing – being proactive, solving problems, growing as a human being, it all matters. People are placed into our lives for a reason and our reaction to them and the challenges that they present are here to help us grow. It’s up to us whether we just react or if we learn from the situation and respond. The more we learn, the more we grow and become bigger than our problems, the more the world opens up!
    (just once I’ll leave a comment that is not an entire chapter! Have a great weekend!)

  2. I sometimes look at my younger self and marvel how I was so overwhelmed by the little things. I think we need experience and maturity and also the bigger problems, so we can cope with them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. realationaleric says:

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    Great sentiments on how you approach the various aspects of life. Especially your outlook on the work you do.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Bill Taylor says:

    Reblogged this on Welcome to Downing Goliath and commented:
    Overcoming your “Goliath” is a subject near to my heart. This Today’s Manager post is good advice for getting into the right mindset to tackle those challenges…

  5. Ask not for easy tasks, rather ask for your abilities to rise to difficult problems.

  6. […] The size of your PROBLEMS determines the size of YOU […]

  7. Dynamo Di says:

    Great article. It’s about seeing the opportunities in the challenges 🙂

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