So a Story Won’t Fit

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Being responsible for the success of other people can sometimes be frustrating.  Whether it is your family, your business, or your personal associations; it can test your patience.  They depend on you to make them successful but seem to fight you the whole way.  “Chris, if you do this every day you’ll be successful.”  “But I don’t want to do that.”  “Okay, I get it.  You don’t want to be successful.  No problem.”


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5 thoughts on “So a Story Won’t Fit

  1. rodneymbliss says:

    One of my employees screwed up one time. . .badly. Despite the fact he’d been with the company for years, my boss wanted me to fire him. I opted for a 90 day Performance Improvement Plan. The PIP said he had to email me by 10 am Monday morning what his todo list was for the week. And by Friday at 3pm he had to email me a list of what he did that week. Simple, right?

    He kept missing the times. He’d get me a report by Saturday, or his report wouldn’t show up until Monday afternoon. I finally had to explain that I couldn’t protect him and his job if he didn’t follow the PIP. He caught the vision and started sending them in on time. 4 weeks later he approached me and said “This month has been the best of my career.”

  2. I’ve worked hard to teach this lesson to my boss and since he’s (finally) learning that I don’t care what the story is, just how he need to fix it, our customer service has increased dramatically! We are looked to as people that don’t point the finger but instead help find solutions.

  3. theeatonya says:

    You know, i ashamedly admit that i had an employee that was so difficult to work with that i quit my job, because our supervisor was a non-manager & the only thing worse than a micro-manager is a non-manager, & i was literally pulling the load of 2 people & my supervisor acted like she was completely oblivious to it even though the rest of the entire office saw it & commented on it. But it was easier for her to deny the problem because then she didn’t have to employ her non-exsistent managerial skills. Hindsight being 20/20 i should’ve taken another route or just held on, 4 months after i quit the “non-working-co-worker” got fired, but i learned from it. great post.

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