Live your own Life, not someone else’s

boat 2

A young college graduate took a vacation to the Caribbean islands.  As he headed to the dock for a chartered boat outing watched a local fishing boat pull in.  He couldn’t help but notice the fine quality of the local man’s catch and asked him how long it took him to catch them.


“Not too long,” answered the fisherman.


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11 thoughts on “Live your own Life, not someone else’s

  1. Once I stopped being a workaholic (at the tender age of 24 and after a little adjustment) it was amazing. I found so much happiness in life and discovered that for me, being successful wasn’t about the hours or the money. And I still made it to the top of my field, running a small office and being happy! I had time for the important things, the things that when my life flashes in front if my eyes it will be filled with great memories of family and friends and not meeting after meeting after meeting! My success is different from others and I’m okay with that!

  2. Success has been defined as satisfaction. It can be applied in business, family, and self. If a person is truly satisfied with the result of their efforts, they usually don’t feel the need for more or lack of less. Just like the fisherman in your story, he was satisfied at the end of his day with the results of his labor and his priorities reflected much satisfaction, such as in his family, work and life style. You have given an example of a passage from the bible, if I may…Philippians 4:11-12 (paraphrased)…”whatsoever state I am in, there I will be content”. Fill your own shoes and take care of your own nose…and rejoice in your own success! Sounds like some Paw Paw mixed in there…amen!

  3. During an adult Sunday School class many years ago, the teacher asked us, “What does success mean to you?” Every man stressed money , power, business success. Every woman except one, stressed personal happiness, family life, peace within, etc. It was very telling. Personally I believe happiness begins within as well. (Oh and thanks so much for following my blog – I’ll be searching hough you well. blessings,

  4. I loved this post! Very powerful message!! In my opinion, very similar to you, success is anything that you achieve that is worthy and meaningful to you.

  5. […] Live your own Life, not someone else’s. […]

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