Let them Struggle



A young boy found a cocoon for a butterfly in one of the trees in the front yard of his grandparents’ home. The boy was so excited.  Each day …


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27 thoughts on “Let them Struggle

  1. I love when scripture reminds me that all my suffering isn’t for naught! Beyond that- excellent point here! I’ll admit that I struggled with this (learned how to do this) when Mr. T was little, I had to learn to step back and allow him to struggle so that he could learn. No matter how impatient I was to get out the door, he had the right to struggle to get his shoes tied. (Of course, not going to lie, I went out and bought velcro shoes and he wore those for years… yup, I totally delayed that part, but otherwise, I learned to let him learn while he was in the “I wanna do it myself phase!”)
    It’s a good lesson that I’ve taken with me moving forward. I very seldom “show” someone how to do something, but instead guide them as they do it themselves.

    Excellent lesson from Paw Paw!

  2. Hope says:

    The first hundred years are the hardest. 🙂

  3. So very true! The challenge is in knowing when to help directly and when to nudge, ask questions, and nurture.

  4. tokealiyu says:

    Thank you for this.

    It was really encouraging.

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  5. An awesome illustration of an important lesson – thank you!

  6. Where do you come up with these stories? They are wonderful!

  7. pinwika says:

    Reblogged this on Tree and commented:
    Something to consider not only when you are struggling, but when you are helping someone through a difficult situation. Wonderful post

  8. pinwika says:

    Thanks so much for this. I reblogged it at my blog

  9. High five for Paw Paw, again!!

  10. What a lovely metaphorical post. Many times in my life I have been that butterfly but the struggles have certainly shaped me into who I am today.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog as well.

  11. Reblogged this on ….@ the intersection of learning & performance and commented:
    This writer, Cranston Holden, had some remarkable teachers in his youth, and has the gift of telling their stories, while making us all think differently. Worth following….

  12. rwresinger says:

    Great lesson here! Letting people grow by letting them struggle is sometimes seen as cruel and uncaring when it is just the opposite but a strong act of compassion.

  13. I reblogged this as well. First time I’ve found something I wanted to reblog….

  14. Planting Potatoes says:

    I was blessed by this story…thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find yours! God bless.

  15. More thanks- thank God for anyone who allowed me to struggle.

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