There’s nothing worse than being Stupid


“Charlie, come outside with me.  You can help me today.  There’s no sense in you being cooped up inside all day.”  The wispy white haired man told his grandson.  “Okay…., “grunted his grandson.

They first headed to the tractor shed


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9 thoughts on “There’s nothing worse than being Stupid

  1. What a great lesson! I thought that I was a believer of this, fully and truly, until the end of the school year last year and Mr. T was picking out his sophomore schedule. Now, I’ve always encouraged him to try new things, that his teenage years should be fun and this is a great time to explore and learn about tons of new things… And then he signed up for Floral Design. Arranging flowers. And part of me that doesn’t come out much kinda reared it’s head and I was like “Huh? Floral design? But you are a guy, when are you going to arrange flowers?” (Okay, NOT my finest moment!!!).

    We talked, and he said that it sounded fun, sounded like a good change and if he took the exam at the end of the year and passed and paid his fee, that he’d be certified. If he is certified, then he can get a job at almost any flower/plant shop. And he thought that having the experience would give him a head start on the other kids looking for a job.

    Sometimes life just has to reinforce lessons! And this post is a great lesson!

  2. Tim A. says:

    Reblogged this on Flat Creek Rolling and commented:
    More good stuff from “Today’s Manager”

  3. Rajiv says:

    I fully agree with you. This is something that should be endemic to us as humans, but is not

  4. Meg says:

    love this and thankyou for following my blog, followed in return look forward to great posts.

  5. pbolton16 says:

    Thanks for sharing this great lesson. My Paw paw taught me some many things that I think about today. What I find some valuable in this blog posting is the relationship of a teacher and a learner. The grandson is asking questions and not talking. He is asking and taking in. To many times I don’t ask and just do. Listen more an apply to my ” do” could make a large impact on changes I am attempting today.

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