Helper’s High

Some-Of-Helping-Animals-006Ever thought about going to work high as a kite?  Have you ever wanted to get high while working?  Most (I really hope its most) people would never even consider the notion.  Well, I actually recommend it.

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13 thoughts on “Helper’s High

  1. Love that! Mr. T and I are having lots of fun with my Random Acts of Kindness list, he’s really seeing how it makes a difference and I love seeing how it gives him a high to do something for others.

  2. vicbriggs says:

    Haha – well I don’t do it for the helper’s high, but feeling fulfilled in what you do gives the strength to keep giving.

  3. scottfelten says:

    Good post! Helping others makes me feel like my life has purpose and takes my mind off myself and on to others. Keep on posting good words like this!

  4. Maria Beach says:

    Good reminder! I know when I feel down, reaching out and helping someone always makes me feel better.

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