A Leader’s Real Role


An old man was driving his grandson around on his old tractor.  As he approached the back of the house he put the tractor in neutral grabbed his one and a half year old grandson and went to the back door.  He knocked on the door with the tractor was still running in the background.  His wife answered the door and the man said,  “Come out here.  I want you to watch this.”

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16 thoughts on “A Leader’s Real Role

  1. The same for military tanks as they have no steering.

  2. Hahahhahahaha! That’s just wrong to tease the mom and grandmother like that! I get that you can’t believe everything you see, but the flip side of that is that it’s wrong to purposely mislead people!

  3. I was that toddler about 32 years ago or so. Riding on the tractor with my grandpa was an AWESOME experience. Thanks for the nostalgia!

  4. Nin Ashmore says:

    Gotta have some fun!

  5. Tim A. says:

    Reblogged this on Flat Creek Rolling and commented:
    I can understand the grandfather’s laughter.

  6. Sounds like my kinda driving!

  7. deandeguara says:

    Great story! My PawPaw had a Tractor he let us drive too! I wrote about His Table a couple weeks ago…you may have seen it.

  8. Another TOUCHDOWN!!! I so enjoy your stories from Paw Paw. Thanks for sharing this again, God Bless you and your during the Thanksgiving holidays! ~Zoey

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