What gets measured GETS DONE

measure 2Look at your life.  Take a good long look.  Think about where you are right now.  Do you like what you see?  I hope so, because it’s your life.  However it looks right now is a result of your choices.  Thinks don’t just happen, they happen just.  I realize of course bad things happen to us all, but what I’m talking about here is not what happens but how you respond to them.


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14 thoughts on “What gets measured GETS DONE

  1. Davey Jones says:

    Great post! Couldn’t agree more.

  2. As a college student, I agree. I’m involved in a couple small groups; in one we are in charge of raising funds for a charity. When we don’t touche base and talk about how we are coming on some of the different projects, they don’t tend to happen…

  3. ahh t’is true if your intentions are honourable and devasting if they are not!

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  5. Tammy Loftis says:

    I am a personal trainer & I preach this to my clients regularly! Whether its what your eating drinking your exercise your vitamins, Everything Must be Tracked in order to make the proper adjustments to reach the over all goal you want. Even in my Advocare Business, I have to keep up with my calls, follow ups, meetings, my down line.. If I do not, my pay check shows it!! This was an Awesome reminder & right on time! Thank You Sir!

  6. laurabennet says:

    Your posts are entertaining and insightful. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read so far.
    Thank you for checking out my blog. I’m glad you liked it.

  7. Awesome post. Indeed “what gets measured, does get done,”

    Ps. You might like to read up on William Deming- very interesting concepts, he liked to measure everything and he was key in the success of rebuilding Japan and Total Quality Management.


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