Opportunity’s Dance Partners


Opportunity will dance with those already on the dance floor. – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

A young boy is playing in the front yard.  He is bouncing back and forth between being busy running his toys through the dirt and pretending he is a ninja fighting the evil samurai in ancient Japan.  He sees his grandfather approaching

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8 thoughts on “Opportunity’s Dance Partners

  1. Oh wow! Great post! Good lesson about being ready and embracing opportunity no matter what form it takes!

  2. tokealiyu says:

    Nice and interesting. Thank you. The illustration was on point.

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  3. Rajiv says:

    Yeah. I agree to this. You need to be alive to opportunity to be ready for it

  4. I learned this lesson the painful way when I failed my State Exams a month and a half ago. I was ready, am ready, but pretended that I was not. Opportunity left me. I just didn’t want to set my husband’s expectations too high, he believed in me though – still do. I did not. I failed.
    Now I have to take it all over again.
    Am not really happy about it.

    Great lesson here! Superb!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. […]  He also teaches the principles of work and patience.  Check out Mr. Holden’s blog here.  I recommend […]

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