The Best Version of Yourself


When you first think of this, you may not see it as a good idea.  In some cases it really can be, if and only if the competition is performing at a higher level than you.  Better completion causes you to stretch and grow into a better person, athlete, parent, executive, and business leader.


However, if you are playing completion that is not as talented as you and you play to the level of completion instead of growing, you are wilting.  Playing down to the level of your competition is the reason upsets in sports are able to be pulled off.

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10 thoughts on “The Best Version of Yourself

  1. jpsgreenroom says:

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  2. Articles like this could help to stop the “dumbing down” of America

  3. Excellent post! I never thought about it in those terms. I like it! thank you!

  4. savurbks says:

    The picture is great! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Michael P. Corley says:

    Great article, in fact, I began noticing this when watching kids’ sports. I noticed that and individual kid’s level of ability seemed to fluctuate with the level of his/her competition. (Same for teams, as you note in your blog.) So if this is reality, then to improve, we should surround ourselves and compete with people and teams better than we.

    • You’re right everyone needs a challenge. That’s why Luke had Darth Vader, Batman had the Joker, David had Goliath, Superman had Lex Luther, Microsoft has Apple and Coke has Pepsi. Competition makes us more that what we are.

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