The Passive Aggressive Person


The Sniper in Your Life

A manager walks in his office and sits down.  He begins working on his daily task and an employee walks by and pops his head in. “Hey, do we have any extra XYZ forms?  We are running low.”  His supervisor acknowledges his request and informs him that he’ll order some more at the end of the day.  The employee turns to walk away, but before he totally leaves throws out a snide comment, “Thanks, we never used to run low on stuff like that.”

What just happened?

YOU JUST GOT SHOT BY A SNIPER!  This is a passive aggressive person who has just picked you as a target.  For more get the eBook:

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17 thoughts on “The Passive Aggressive Person

  1. vwoods1212 says:

    I hear you and I agree with you…not only in the office, you meet them everywhere. Very disturbing.

  2. giorge thomas says:

    Thank you. Have worked with many passive aggressive feckers in the past!

  3. ekurie says:

    And yet they still manage to slither away. I am working with one now, a realtor and only got a zinger shot at me after the contract was signed and he was getting in his car to leave. Pouring rain, so I let it go but I’m the one who loses sleep over it.

  4. Tim A. says:

    The world is full of these sniper types. The problem is most of us, including myself, can let this happen occasionally. I, for one, dislike it most when I do it.

  5. Jamie says:

    Great advice, Cranston! When we speak up to a sniper it empowers us and then we won’t hold onto the feelings they are trying to evoke. It’s like we’re wearing a bullet proof vest that repels their nastiness.

  6. That’s a perfect example of how to be an “assertive” manager, and not an aggressive one, it is okay to call people out on their behavior because it does make for a better work environment. I work hard to be “assertive” and not “aggressive” and so this post helps reinforce the behavior I want to see in myself when dealing with passive/aggressive personalities. Thanks Cranston! Yet again, I took away a message that you weren’t specifically addressing, but that the beauty of your posts! Well done, as always!

  7. This is such a great article! Thank you!

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