How to Deal with a Tattle-Tale


You would think with all the information provided through television, social media, books, web logs, and personal development seminars that tattling would be limited to children.  You may think that you shouldn’t have to worry about a forty year old man or a fifty five year old woman doing something so childish.  You would think they would have had plenty of years to grow up.  Well I regretfully inform you that most people haven’t.  Maturity isn’t guaranteed with age.  Sometimes age comes alone. 



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The Jerk Whisperer – How to Keep Adults Acting Like Adults



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23 thoughts on “How to Deal with a Tattle-Tale

  1. Rajiv says:

    This is a good one. There is a fine line between whistle-blowing, having your “ear on the ground”, spying, and having some one tattle to you. A mature and intelligent manager can see these fine lines. However, it is never easy

  2. Ann Koplow says:

    Great post. Thank you!

  3. Shazzamm! Good leadership point to remember. Don’t get in the mire of office politics. Unfortunately, murmuring and complaining is so prevalent in the workplace. This is a good example of the right way to react. Thank you!

  4. pinwika says:

    Excellent! Thank you!!

  5. […] How a Deal with a Tattle-Tale asks Cranston Holden. He introduces the topic in the context of “office politics” and offers a few suggestions as to how a leader must recognise a snitch and the best ways to avoid a breakdown of trust between colleagues by discouraging this type of behaviour from the get-go. […]

  6. vicbriggs says:

    Hi Cranston, great post. Thank you.
    I decided to make it a part of my Let’s Talk Opinion series, as in addition to tattletales in the office, it made me consider another instance of snitching: when friends do it on each other. Here’s the link:
    Would be curious to know what you think of it.
    Warm regards,

    • Vic, I certainly thank you for the mention. Not only do I thank you for the honor but for the wise words about friendship you bestow. Everyone who has EVER had any type of friend has had one of these that you describe. They put us on the spot to take action but then try to tie our hands behind our back. You’re right. Its all manipulation. You’re very intelligent and I look forward to reading more words of wisdom.

      Have a great day,


      • vicbriggs says:

        Thank you, Cranston, and thank you too for commenting on my post. I thought your addition was very insightful. It is, of course, a form of manipulation, and all such attempts are best cut in the bud.
        Warm regards,

  7. Great post – that is excellent advice on how to handle the situation. I never thought about turning the tables like that – but you can guarantee that I will from here on out!

  8. sealeychars says:

    Excellent post Cranston! I’m giggling because I’ve experienced it many times and definitely have had to use the ‘Are you tattling?’ approach. You’re so right, as a leader if you do not nip it in the bud it has the potential to kill your team. Because if that person is tattling to you, the leader, he/she is probably tattling about you to the team. I always like to reiterate that if you hear someone speaking badly of your leader and you said nothing, you spoke louder than the offender. That helps them to get the point quite quickly. Great post and thanks for supporting my blog with your likes.

  9. mylisaland says:

    I really, really like this! Trying it next time it happens. Thanks 😉

  10. dlzb says:

    I get this a lot in the church. It amounts to “please Pastor, will you sort this person out…it’s your job and I don’t feel able to do it anyway. After all, Christians are supposed to be nice and I am too nice to confront anyone.” Thanks for the useful strategy.

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  12. MissMangue says:

    Nice post, and thank you for stop by , my blog.

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