Breaking up a Dope Ring

ring-of-peopleA Dope Ring isn’t necessarily what you think.  It’s not a bunch of people sitting around smoking marijuana or any kind of organized crime ring who make their money selling illegal substances. As dangerous as those two groups of people are, what I’m speaking of is much more dangerous; the real Dope Ring.


A Dope Ring is a subgroup of people who gather together and talk about how bad their circumstances are.  The topics usually revolve around the inadequacies of their boss, their organization, or even specific people in the organization.  I call it a Dope Ring because I see it as a bunch of dummies circled up.


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18 thoughts on “Breaking up a Dope Ring

  1. This is SO TRUE. My professional field is Human Resource Management and Industrial & Organization Psychology and I have seen MANY of these DOPE RINGS. Trying to break that vicious ring of negativity can be very difficult and the words that are spoken in this Dope Rings doesn’t usually stay in the ring, they do anything and everything to spread that negativity. Really makes no sense to me why people would even want to be negative, but then again, this is a cruel world and it is hard not to be if you have nothing to look forward to or nothing seems to be going right. What needs to be preached on a daily basis is that people are in charge of their OWN attitudes and how their life is going. I find that even if I am feeling low or bad about something, if I keep it in my own head and I FAKE being happy and positive to the outside world, things usually turn around and end up being positive. Strange how it works but it really does. Let’s all be POSITIVE people and watch how the world can change for the better 🙂 Thanks for sharing Cranston. Have a GREAT day!


  2. Good post Cranston. I lived in an enviroment like this for 2 years. Not pretty.

  3. witzshared says:

    Love the term, “Dope Ring” for this group of negativists. You’ve hit the mark yet again and the best way to deal with a dope ring.

  4. Jamie says:

    Cranston, is the term “dope ring” original to you? If so, it’s a brilliant description and something I encountered as a school principal. Do you think that others in the organization, in addition to the leaders can help to beak it up?

    • No. I can’t claim it. I’ve heard it for years from some of my previous managers but I use it like its going out of style.

      And yes, your well aimed question is correct. The more people you have the capabilities of breaking these up, the better an organization can become.

  5. Just thought to mention that I went to a funeral a couple of days ago and saw the statue of the group of people in a circle that you used for this article. Strange is that when i saw this on the grave site I saw family and friendship.
    In the context you write about I can also see this “dope ring”. Living in a small community, can bring so much heart ache because of these cliques. Breaking them up is not so easy to do. Riding it out, ignoring and yes standing up for what is right is all great, but also with great loss. Without support these “dope rings” cause permanent damage. I look forward to the day when there are stronger tools to fight off these negative people whilst holding our heads us high.
    Thank you for the great article.

  6. Excellent post, great way to draw our attention to the negative behavior so that we can combat it.

  7. Rajiv says:

    I like the expression. In college I was part of a fun Dope Ring, the marijuana kind! But, I do see many dope rings. They are hard to break up.

  8. Amen! Good stuff. “Dope Ring.” I’m definitely going to add this to my terminology.

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