Don’t Negotiate with Terrorists


“Hey boss.  I’d like to talk to you. They guys outside and I have some concerns. We would like a 50% pay raise.  If we don’t get it TODAY we are leaving and taking all our clients with us and you’ll be left with nothing”


A terrorist is someone who attempts to get their own way by striking fear in your heart by threating to cause harm.  A terrorist is one who gives ultimatums.

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The Jerk Whisperer

The Jerk Whisperer – How to Keep Adults Acting Like Adults

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15 thoughts on “Don’t Negotiate with Terrorists

  1. ekurie says:

    This is very true. This happened to my dad. His GM was vying to buy his business, even tried sabotage, then threats. He let her quit, she took the whole staff with her. Within a year Dad was doing better than when she had been with him.

  2. I don’t respond well to threats. The Owner has called me a few times “So and so is threatening to pull their business unless we do xyz” He is always worked up over it and I just tell him to let them. If that is how they feel, we won’t make them happy and we don’t want to be doing business with someone who acts like a child (a terrorist). He normally calms down and realizes I’m right (of course!) and business goes on. He explains that we won’t stand in their way and if they need to leave, then we wish them well, but we really hope they’d stay and work with us.
    I’ve never had anyone leave!

  3. witzshared says:

    Once you give in to them, they will be back again and again with the same tiring threats. The first time I became a supervisor I had a great boss, Paul Ruth who taught me cross training is important and don’t be afraid to say, “good bye and good luck” to terrorist.

  4. witzshared says:

    Reblogged this on witzshared and commented:
    You’re met them, you work with them and now Cranston Holden tells you how to deal with them. An important read for all manager this time of year.

  5. I use this phrase all the time…most often in referring to my children’s feeble attempts to “negotiate” with me. I tell them they have 2 options: My way or My way. Intimidation is weapon of choice for those who feel they hold some skill or knowledge which will cripple or impair the organization if not provided. But you know the old saying goes, “One monkey doesn’t stop a show.” Quite frankly two or three monkeys won’t stop it either. The fact is that we are all expendable but hopefully we are not all exploitable.

  6. Thank you, Cranston. I succumbed to (what I now recognize as) a terrorist threat from an employee a few years ago. Shortly after I caved, he left anyway – so it just showed that I was susceptible to threats. Never again.

    You’re right, it’s about building strong character.

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