How to Get People to Stop Whining

4434111204_pity_party2_xlargeAs your day begins, you settle in to your normal routine. You grab a cup of coffee, sit down and begin your work.  You call one of your employees in and ask how their previous day went and what plans they have for today and the story begins.


“Well I just don’t feel good today. Something is wrong with my stomach. My back has also been giving me a little bit of trouble due to the amount of time I spend on my feet.  When I got home yesterday, my kids informed me that they got a bad grade on their paper because I didn’t have enough time to help with their assignment.  I’ve been working a lot of hours recently.  Then my wife told me than our youngest child is in the need of braces. This has distracted me from my daily tasks and added a whole new level of stress.  I really think it’s having an effect on me, because ever since I woke up I’ve had a migraine.”






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11 thoughts on “How to Get People to Stop Whining

  1. tokealiyu says:

    I love this. Your insightful posts on how mangers can lead better always makes sense.

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  2. hahahhaha – I did this to my son when he got home earlier. It’s a half day and I told him he could have a break and then we needed to clean house. He kept arguing that it didn’t need cleaned, that it was fine. So, I kept assigning him tasks. In addition to your room and bathroom, you get to vacuum! 😉 He wasn’t whining, but the same principal applies!

  3. sagarika says:

    Loved it. Tackling team members is a serious topic everyday. It would be great if you write a topic on how to tackle team members who keep complaining if they are rewarded well and have taken care about their needs.

  4. some good tips and handle on the workplace. have a great year ahead. cheers.

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