How to Fire Someone


Once you decide to remove someone from employment, comes the task of actually doing it.  Pulling that Band-Aid off can be a scary thing.  A good leader knows the quicker the better for both parties.   Try to keep it short and sweet.

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4 thoughts on “How to Fire Someone

  1. ekurie says:

    What I was told once was simply “This isn’t working out”. He was right. It wasn’t. Had he not “let me go” I had a resignation letter to hand him the following week.

  2. tokealiyu says:

    Now that’s a tough one for many!

    But it does help for those who will try to work with it.

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  3. afellowsapient says:

    I would always shy away from any harsh terms that would seem cold and uncaring. Best to use the most sensitive phrases possible as you are dealing with a delicate subject area. If the purpose is to remove a person from employment, it’s purpose should refrain from being to cruel and overly harsh. To do so would lack the proper mental attitude of mindfulness.

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