When You Do a Good Job


Clark scheduled lunch with one of his really close friends.  As he entered the restaurant he scans the room to see if his friend has arrived yet.  Good they are already there.  Clark sees his friend just a few tables back.  He hasn’t seen Clark yet.  Clark notices that his friend has his head in his hands, with his elbows on the table, ignoring the glass of water the server has brought over.  Clark pulls up a chair and says hello.


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8 thoughts on “When You Do a Good Job

  1. Rajiv says:

    I agree with you here. One of the issues that we have in today’s times, is what I sometimes call the instant coffee, or instant noodle, culture.
    Poor efforts normally show up with poor results quickly, however, a good, political manager can cover up for a while.
    Good results take time.They take patience. They take consistency.

  2. So true, it seems too many people today want instant results but that is never the answer. The quicker the achievement, the higher the risk it will flail. Consistency is what will win the day and the higher up the scale you climb, the better the results but also there is further to fall. The only approach is to accept you have to put in the effort ALL the time; some of the time won’t work either.

  3. Excellent way to look at the ROI! You have to consistently put in the hard work and effort. Just being “good” isn’t good enough. Great post!

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