Get the Most from an Interview (Part One)


Interviewing can be an organization’s lifeblood or its downfall.  If you think you don’t have to develop good interviewing skills because your people would never leave then you are SADLY mistaken.  Things happen.  People do occasionally leave for one reason or another, regardless of what kind of environment you have developed.  Hopefully they are far and few in between but mark my words, it will happen.  The more skills you develop to discern who would be a good fit and who would be a better fit somewhere else the easier your life becomes.

Good employees are an organization’s biggest asset.   Bad ones are its biggest liability.  The dangerous factor is if you hire the WRONG person, it can go unrealized for many months (in my experience 6 months to a year).  All the money, time and training you invest into that single wrong hire adds up very quickly.  In most organizations the training alone will cost around $7000.  That’s a lot of money.  Not to mention all the invariables that accompanies bringing in the wrong person.   Unfortunately I have to admit, I’ve made some bad hires.  I’m not perfect.  Looking back I want to slap myself because the signs where so obvious. How could I not see what I was getting?  Hindsight is 20/20.   But you live and learn and that’s why I’m here for you.  If you can learn from someone else’s experience, you can avoid all the heartache and implement what really works.  Spend less time spinning your wheels and get some traction with finding the right person.

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5 thoughts on “Get the Most from an Interview (Part One)

  1. I mirror and parrot a lot in interview and certain situations. It does help the other person feel at ease. I do remember getting a job and a few weeks later my old boss telling me that my new boss loved my interview. She loved that I appeared to be interested and communicative. The reality, I appeared interested because my back was burned from the sun, so I was sitting forward in my chair! 🙂 It didn’t even dawn on me that I was projecting interest when I was so worried about not leaning back and wincing in pain!

  2. In a previous place of employment we had a unique computerized program provided by a consultant who had perfected this technique over a 40 year period that 1. we would ask potential hires to fill in a questionaire that spit out a personality profile with great accuracy and 2. Before we even posted the position, the same program could develop a job personality profile unique to the position and generate questions in the language that would typically be used by the type of person you would be looking for! Further, you could match the two profiles and find out how closely they matched, where the most coaching would be needed and where their strengths would complement the rest of the team.

    • I’ve also used a personality test before to match up the right candidate. I originally thought they weren’t accurate until I was proven wrong multiple times months after the fact. Great idea Ms. “Bottomline”

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