If they can live with it…. I can live without it


Charlie is sitting outside under an old oak tree in some handmade furniture with his granddad.  Enjoying the late afternoon summer breeze, drinking sweet tea, they do a little chit chatting.  Charlie watches a newer model pickup truck pulls down the long driveway toward the house. A man hops out and walks up the grandfather and shakes his hand.

He watches as they discuss the purchase of two young cows

For more get the book:   https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/411467


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4 thoughts on “If they can live with it…. I can live without it

  1. Simple truth sometimes carries the deepest wisdom! TY, Cranston. ~Zoey

  2. safrinlipi says:

    You have some wonderful writing on your blog. Thanks for following mine.

  3. Mona Crosby says:

    Brother, i really enjoyed this read. As with all your writes, you definitely have a gift to captivate and intrigue in the end. I love your “Lessons From Paw Paw” blog, especially this one.

    May you be blessed with all the riches of His glory.
    -in and with the love of Christ.

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