Do what’s Right over what’s Easy


A lady in her early forties begins unloading her groceries onto the conveyer belt from her shopping cart.  The cashier notices he is short a bag boy so as he is ringing up items he waves one over.  An older teenage boy begins bagging and loading her groceries into a new cart.  After a few minutes of loading the cashier notices the line that has accumulated behind the lady.  There hasn’t been anyone in the store in the past hour but now….. it’s rush hour.

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4 thoughts on “Do what’s Right over what’s Easy

  1. “Integrity is what one does when no one is watching.” The apathy to sin in today’s world is appalling. Only God can change hearts, blessings,

  2. When people make mistakes that seem to favour us, we must not take them as favour and should tell the people about it. I have been over paid a number of times. The first time was in the banking hall as an undergraduate and everyone was looking at me in a funny way for telling the banker about it. At other times, it was in stores where the cashiers gave excess change and they were so thankful I returned them.

  3. Cranston, your blog is so perfectly timed. I have been fuming about an old news story that had just come to my attention about an airline that treated a disabled combat veteran very poorly even over the objections of many of the passengers. The story of the this young man will help me sleep.

    I do have a story that has been repeated for me several times. Many of the older VA facilities are a mish-mash of buildings connected by various halls and connecting passage ways. As one traverses along these coridors they may find they went from the third floor to the basement without ever entering a stairwell or elevator because the connected buildings are on hills. It has been my experience as I have navigated the maze at the White River Jct facility to be stopped by an employee who is checking to make sure I know were I am going. There have been a number of times when I was a little unsure and found myself personally escorted to my destination. The staff have commented from time-to-time how special I must be having been shown the way by Dr. Soandso head of the big department or Mrs. Whatshername chair of the important veterans committee. Most often it is the guy sweeping the floor or a lab tech. None of them have an obligation to go out of their way and it is not just me. Many times I have overheard employees asking other vets or have seen them showing them the way.

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