Free is Rarely Valued

out-on-a-limb-frank-nicolosi Person one grows up from family who is semi well off. As the person reaches the age of 19, he discovers he has a large lump sum inheritance coming his way. Wow, what a shock. As soon as he gets it he goes to spending.  He buys cars, clothes, and parties his heart out.  He has multiple new friends who can’t help but assist him with spending his newly acquired wealth.  After a short period as you would guess, the money is completely gone.

Person two comes from a broken family.  They don’t get many opportunities to advance themselves but they take advantage of the ones they do get. They learn a specific set of skills that will increase their character and works hard at becoming a better person.  They set aside 10-20% of their income regardless of the circumstances life throws at them.    Over a period of time they’ve saved and earned a small fortune.

Who do you believe values the fortune more?

You’re right, the people who paid for it.  Free is rarely valued!  Free makes nothing of you.  Free is dismissed as simply expected.  Free becomes ENTITLEMENT.

In my personal experience each and every time I try to give something away or highly discount something I am offering it’s never received as I imagine.  I imagine the other person will recognize what a big deal it is and how much I’m giving up to serve them better. I imagine they would see this big sacrifice I am making FOR THEM and be appreciative.

What they actually see is lip service.  They can’t see the value in what is being done because it is free (or highly discounted). Therefore they aren’t appreciative. They actually think you are holding out on them because you set the precedent of giving things away, and why would you give it away if it had value to start with?  If you don’t value what you have, neither will anyone else.  Each time you go out on a limb and give someone a really good deal, they will cut the limb off behind you.  I not saying that you charge more than you should, just be fair with people.

In the same sense, why would you want to find a deal or a big discount?  Or better yet free?  Free makes nothing of you. Getting a discount does not allow you grow.  It hampers your personal development.  Say this, “I wish to pay a FAIR price for everything, not for what I get but for what it MAKES of me.”

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12 thoughts on “Free is Rarely Valued

  1. Davey Jones says:

    This was awesome and right on time. Thank you!

  2. Davey Jones says:

    Reblogged this on The Miseducated Millennial and commented:
    Simply amazing post. “Free is rarely valued.”

  3. So true, so very, very true! Which is why my son won’t just “get” a car for his 16th, he has to EARN it, so he’ll APPRECIATE it, and have a personally vested interest in not getting into a wreck! 😉
    Works in business, too, but the car is the current topic of conversation!

  4. I once had a shepherd/wolf dog who sired a litter of 8 pups,so I put an ad in the paper: Free Shepherd/Wolf pups – Not a taker. The next week I put an ad in the paper Shepherd/Wolf puppies, $150 ea. They were sold in 3 days!

  5. Rajiv says:

    Free is never valued…

  6. It may have been free to do, but the rewards will last a lifetime.
    After all it is you and your love which is involved in it and there is no second feeling greater
    than the emotion of loving someone and getting loved by someone.
    This Valentine’s Day, don’t just woo the wild webcam girls – – swallow
    your pride and cozy up to some hot-tempered harridans you can’t stand.

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