How you should treat your employees



“Hello. Yes mam. This is he, how can I help you? Oh no. I’m so sorry for your trouble. Sure we can handle that. I tell you what we will give you a full refund and redo everything for you. We appreciate your business so much. Tell you what, I’ll have someone come by your house and take care of that personally.  Whatever we can do to help, we’re here to accommodate. Anything else we can do? Well if there is let me know? Thank you and it was so good to talk to you.  Have a great day.”

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12 thoughts on “How you should treat your employees

  1. rodneymbliss says:

    Not sure that would work. Employees and customers have different relationships with your company. Employees are expected to look out for the interests of your company, customers will look out for their own interests.

    I will not be pleased if my employees lie to me. I EXPECT my customers to lie to me.

    If the real message is treat everyone ethically and with respect, then, of course, I agree. But, the word “exactly” doesn’t apply, I think.

    • I do mean exactly as it refers to respect of our fellow man. I do agree that employees have a different relationship than customers to an extent. Everyone has a different relationship with everyone. No one can be handled in the exact same manner.

      What I do believe is we should all do a little self reflection. We receive the same thing we put out. If we EXPECT our customers to lie to us, they will think the same thing about us. They will expect us to lie and I personally don’t want that. If we treat them untrustworthy, they will see us as untrustworthy as well.

      I’m not naïve enough to believe no one will ever try to deceive you but that cant be your go to response. I’ll finish off with a little Reganism “Trust but verify.”

      Thank you Rodney. Good conversation. Have a tremendous day.

      • rodneymbliss says:

        “If we expect our customers to lie to us, they will think the same thing about us.”

        I think this is where we disagree. In my Microsoft example, we never told the customer we knew they were lying. We were very good at getting the customer to tell us the truth even when their natural tendency was to lie. And it wasn’t even intentionally deceptive on their part. Occasionally I had to convince a customer to check a particular setting that they claimed was set correctly, but I suspected was set incorrectly. When we finally got to that screen, the customer would pause and then say, “Never mind, I think I figured it out.” Okay.

        I see my employees as “our team.” The customers have their own teams. Sometimes we have the same goals, but typically my team’s goals are different.

        And I absolutely agree that we need to treat the customers with respect and trust.

        I love Reagan and think that quote also encompasses what I’m trying to say.

        Great post, BTW. Anytime you can get people thinking it’s a good post.

  2. Reblogged this on StainlessInStilettos and commented:
    When we have new people start with us I often ask ‘who’ are the most improtant people to our Company. Very few employees’ say ‘We are’ – and hey are just as important as our customers.

  3. such a good point. We treat strangers better than those we have in our lives on a daily basis! It’s a good reminder to spread the respect around and that those in our lives, co-workers, employees and family, all deserve to be treated nicely!

  4. Amy Pinkrose says:

    Awesome blog you have, Cranston! Keep up the fantastic work! This world really needs people like you in it, and seeing you are younger then I, you will be vitally needed when I leave and others of my age as well, who are on the same page as you.

    Thank you so much for the follow on Petals Unfolding. It is deeply apreciated!!! Love, Amy

  5. When I was 22 years old I had a great boss called Keith Hull, a thoroughbred Yorkshireman … In his thick northern accent his motto was this …
    “… and just you young folk remember, you should always tret people the way you wish to be tret yersell …” I’m sure you can read through the Yorkshire accent 🙂

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