Sensory Acuity

Style: "Neutral"First thing, what is sensory acuity? The easiest way to define sensory acuity is to think about it like an old rolodex.  When a subject comes up, you pull out your rolodex and walk your fingers to the subject you and looking for.  The amount of information you are able to access is your sensory acuity.

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4 thoughts on “Sensory Acuity

  1. Excellent analogy! I had a conversation with the Owner today and asked for his reasoning behind a note he left me, and after I heard it I had to offer a rebuttal. His thinking was outdated, worn and used. It wasn’t what the situation called for, he was doing the same thing he’d always done expecting a different result. The reality was that the industry has evolved and his thinking has to be adjusted now, too.
    Then of course, because he only has one word for snow, he tried to apply the same solution I proposed to a different situation. So, I had to show him the chess moves I was making on that project and reveal what the final outcome would be.
    Working the rolodex worked for me today as I was able to help someone else enhance their sensory acuity, and apply different solutions to what appears to be the same problem.
    I love how this post appeared and you can verbalize and provide such great examples!
    Feel free to go in and edit this comment down to a proper size! 🙂

  2. Thank you and I would never edit you. Thanks and I really enjoyed your example as well. Ha I may say that tomorrow, “What’s wrong with you? Do you only have one word for snow?” : )

  3. teachermrw says:

    Work your rolodex.” I like that. Thank you for the invaluable insights.

  4. Snow in late March (like yesterday’s) nasty four letter word beginning with S! So basically if one only has a saw, every problem looks like a 2×4.

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