True Character

Don’t you wish you had the opportunity to go back in time and spend one more day with a loved one?  Don’t you wish you could go back in time and learn from your Grandfather? What if you had the opportunity to spend one more day with him?  Would you try to remember the smell of his overalls as you hugged him or the feel of his weathered hands? What would you ask? How would he answer? What would he tell you?

To me that experience would be priceless.
These are Lessons taught by my Grandfather, Cranston Warnick and my father Hogie Holden written in short story form. My grandfather was a good man with an even better reputation. Who became a known as an even greater man later in life. Fortunately my older brother was able to spend countless hours with my Grandfather in the afternoons, weekends, and all summer. They often worked outside which was on an old country farm that wasn’t really anything to brag about amongst the apple orchard and old barns. Located in the small mountainous area of the Southeast my Grandfather was able to pass on ageless wisdom that today is rarely valued but leads to a life of plenty and inner peace and fortune.

Lessons From Paw Paw available here : Lessons From Paw Paw Cover

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4 thoughts on “True Character

  1. A great idea and thought provoking curious title, I agree with you I heard loads of stories from my Grandfather but was too young to think of writing them down.

  2. I’m so excited that I got this book! It’s next in my to be read list! 🙂 So proud and happy for you!

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