How to Manage Needy People


Needy people can me very hard to deal with. They suck the energy out of the people around them and leave them behind with very little to show for it, and then move on to the next person. They need attention and approval because they are not a complete person. They are missing something within themselves. Many leaders get sucked into hiring a needy person because the allure of being needed is almost intoxicating. People want to feel wanted (this is the same reason people get in bad relationships with needy people).

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13 thoughts on “How to Manage Needy People

  1. Peter says:

    I once heard the name “psychic vampire” being used to describe the type who sucks the energy from others while contributing none of their own. Sounds pretty similar. Definitely a case for a touch of garlic!

  2. Thank you for this insightful post Cranston!

  3. Good post! I have to be careful because I’m the type that likes to be needed and so I don’t always see the warning signs in time. Fortunately, once I do, it is easier to manage the person with a “what do you think?” or “How do you think it should be taken care of? What are your suggestions?” and help guide them to independent thinking. But, it really is easy to not see and then give in to the person and before you know it, the person is desperate and starts to drain you and your resources. Such a great reminder!

  4. Wonderful post! Thanks!

  5. fatema1982 says:

    Reblogged this on The Road Less Travelled and commented:
    Awesome post and really love it:)

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