Are Memos a Good Idea?


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A memorandum is written communication similar to a letter but without the formal address blocks at the beginning, especially one that is circulated to people within an office or organization. It is in the form of a note intended to serve as a reminder of something. Memos allow you to communicate to a large group with a single effort. In most cases they are very time efficient.



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5 thoughts on “Are Memos a Good Idea?

  1. I have worked at a place where memo’s were very prevalent, and I’ve worked at places where there was nary a memo to be found! I think you have the point right, don’t make major announcements or provide negative news in memo format, it’s not the right way! I have gotten in the habit of sending out emails that state “As a reminder, we deal with XYZ by doing ABC” and try to keep it on the positive side!

  2. Rajiv says:

    I never, ever, put signs up in my office!

  3. Vikki Brown says:

    Putting up a sign is a great way to ensure that no one takes it seriously. It’s an ineffective way to communicate and the message gets misinterpreted. If it’s that important find another way. If you simply must put up a sign, I suggest that you designate a specific, state what types of announcements can be placed there and by whom, give each announcement a shelf life and remove it when it expires. People will pay more attention that way.

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