Let Go of Your Need to Be Popular!


It’s the bottom of the last inning. The massive thirteen year old steps up to the plate batting in the three hole. He is two for two with a double to left center gap and a single through the infield. The young pitcher takes the rubber. He delivers a few pitches and gets the count to two balls two strikes.

The batter digs his cleat into the box and tightens his grip His eyes lock in on the throwing arm of the pitcher who besides the batter himself has done quite well. With a runner on second and third, a hit would win the game. An out would end it with his team losing by one run.

Here’s the pitch.






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8 thoughts on “Let Go of Your Need to Be Popular!

  1. So very true! It’s not easy, but sometimes, as a leader, you have to step up and make the decisions that aren’t always the popular ones. I had to do this the other day, because it was my boss, I spent some time explaining my decision to him so that he could understand, but the decision was made and he wasn’t happy, but he will comply.

  2. Rajiv says:

    I like this post. this inspires. You can be popular and tough and fair. People see through the fake who tries to be all things to all people, and builds his/ her own little cult

  3. […] Cranston  Holden used the imagery of a baseball umpire to explain why one needs to “Let go of your need to be popular.” […]

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