You Lose People in Three’s


No one likes to lose good members of their team. It can, for some people, be very emotional. The leader can feel as if they were almost betrayed. It can be like losing a family member.

A good leader can’t take this type of thing too personally.  People leave. That’s part of business.  People have an itch cycle and sometimes it’s just up. Some people stay at a job only 6 months before they get bored. Some stay three years before they decide it’s time to move on.  Sometimes they leave because they can’t get along with the people they work with. And let’s face it, sometimes people leave because they don’t like you.  That’s just life. Don’t take it personal. You can’t be loved by everyone (especially those who fall below production and activity standards).

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5 thoughts on “You Lose People in Three’s

  1. Rajiv says:

    I never thought of the concept of three’s

  2. LOL, I had a 3 year track record. By the time three years came around, I had learned all I could learn in that position, and if I wasn’t going to be promoted, it was time to get my promotion by switching companies. (Fortunately, in my industry, this is SOP and it doesn’t reflect poorly on the applicant). But I get the post, it’s like the first person leaves and that is what it took, just that little tear in the fabric, for the others to step through!

  3. dhensley316 says:

    Reblogged this on Dustin Hensley and commented:
    I’d have to say this is true, in my experience. It’s worth remembering.

  4. Nin Ashmore says:


    This is excellent!

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